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Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Own Logo

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Nowadays there are so many ways to DIY things but that doesn’t mean they SHOULD be DIY’ed. Are you picturing all of those Pinterest fails you’ve experienced now? This is especially true when it comes to your business branding and logo design. The problem with trying to save costs now and doing things yourself is it may end up costing you more in the long run both financially and in endless amounts of frustration. Here are some insights as to why it’s better to leave it to the professionals who can ensure you get the branding of your dreams:


I have heard so many people say, “I just used Canva to make my logo” (and every graphic designer cringes). Though Canva and many other free online tools are an awesome resource to make those quick social media posts to announce your upcoming event, sale, etc. it is not the route to take for your branding and logo design. The biggest reason here logistically speaking is that most of these sites save your file in a JPG or PNG format, using pixels to create the design which cannot be scaled without losing quality. With the correct design software, a graphic designer makes your logo in a vector format that is based on lines and curves as opposed to pixels; this means that it can be sized and enlarged for all of your needs (website, social media profile photo, etc.) without losing quality.


Did you know that a logo and branding are not the same thing? A logo is obviously the graphic that people associate with your business (think of the Starbucks mermaid or the Amazon arrow) but branding speaks to the holistic experience customers have with your business. From the touch points of packaging to the tone of voice on your website text, it all plays a role in their perception of your business. Here at Heritage Creative Co. I actually don't offer just logo design because I strongly believe that you will sell yourself short with just a logo as opposed to a robust branding package.

A great brand includes a strategy behind the business (target audience, goals, voice, etc.) in addition to the brand visual identity as found in the color palette, fonts, packaging details, and of course, the logo. These two components come together to give your customer or client an overall experience and leave a big impression so let's leave a good one!

When working with a brand designer, you should be able to walk away with more than a pretty logo but a cohesive brand that stands out from your competition and creates connection and trust with your audience.


The saying "you get what you pay for" really is true when it comes to branding. So when you look at your business, ask yourself if it's worth investing in. If your answer is yes (and I'm sure it is) then do exactly that and seek out a professional to take your business to the next level. As appealing as it may be to skimp on the branding aspect and attempt a DIY job, it will actually end up hurting you in the long run when you realize there is no purpose, strategy, or expertise behind the design. My job is to take your vision for your branding and combine that with good design standards and strategy to ensure that your final product is not only something you fall in love with but also speaks to your target audience. Not to mention, you can walk away with all the great deliverables - business card design, a social media launch kit, packaging design - the possibilities are endless and all contribute to giving you a strong foundation on which to build your business.

Have more questions on branding and logo design? This is just a taste of all that goes into branding so I’ll leave it at this for now but leave a comment or send an inquiry and I’d love to continue chatting.


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