Introducing the Heritage Blog

Hello fellow paper lovers! The news is out - there will now be a blog aspect to Heritage Creative Co. and I couldn’t be more thrilled to expand Heritage in this way. Let me just set the stage for what I envision this becoming: about once a month or so, I hope to bring you along on this journey for expanded topics when it comes to design, lifestyle, and business segments. For those wondering more about why you shouldn’t DIY your own logo to those who have been asking for a review of Seattle coffee shops – that will all live here! I also see this as way to challenge myself professionally as I would much rather stick to the pretty photos of Instagram than the writing of blog posts so I am excited to see where this takes me.

I want to take the time to thank all of those who have followed along on this journey and now those of you who decide to tune into these blog posts. I would love to make this a worthwhile use of your time so feel free to let me know what you want to see. Be sure to also sign up for email notifications so you’re in the know when a new blog is posted.

Cheers to the adventure ahead!