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Branding: It's More Than Just a Logo

When potential clients first reach out for their branding needs, they're often thinking the end result will simply be a beautiful logo for their business. But there is so much more to it! I would be doing your business a huge disservice if that was all you walked away with after working with us. Let's dive into a key component of great branding.

A successful brand has a strategy behind its visual identity; the logo should reflect intentional strategy in order to add meaning and value to the business. That strategy includes some crucial foundational steps such as establishing a mission statement, target audience, brand voice, goals, etc. Each component brings clarity to the brand's unique purpose, who it's targeting, and how it will successfully fulfill that purpose.

When working with us here at Heritage Creative Co., we start our time working together by diving into a design + strategy call. We cover all of these elements and get to the heart of your brand's strategy. We then follow up with a proposal of the overall mood/style for the brand with a mood board (an arrangement of images to portray a particular style) . All of this happens before we even begin sketching initial logos. It's crucial to take the time to create the branding foundation before building the house!

Now for the fun part...

Having established these important elements of brand strategy and overall style direction first, we can then move on to the brand's visual identity! This is the fun side of a brand that you can tangibly see like the color scheme, font system, different touch points such as product packaging, and of course - the pretty logo. All of these elements embody the chosen style direction as guided by the brand strategy.

If you haven't picked up on this yet, I'll say it again: a brand's visual identity and strategy must go hand-in-hand. Otherwise you're left with what might be an aesthetically great-looking logo, but no sense of direction and purpose as to how to use it for your business' growth. The quick fix of just creating a logo won't help your business in the long run.

If you're just learning about all that branding entails or are on the fence of investing in your own business, please do reach out via our Contact page to see how we might be able to partner with you! And while you're at it, check out a few examples from our portfolio of some of our past favorite branding projects.



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